• I fell in love with Jennie during my last year at Eller College of Management while I was a student employee at the University. Although, we did not meet at the University of Arizona, we share a passion for the University.

  • Every anniversary, I always pause and thank Residence Life for finding my husband for me. We lived next door to each other in Kaibab Huachuca on the 4th floor. We have been together for 9 years and celebrated our 3-year wedding anniversary in October.

    Jessica Wertz Abbott, 2007 

  • It was January 2003, and my girlfriends and I had made our weekly pilgrimage to O’Malley’s on 4th to dance the night away with our favorite ’80s cover band, the Mockingbirds. Once on the dance floor, I immediately noticed that the band had a new (and very cute) bassist.

  • My husband Andy and I met in the fall semester of our senior year at Arizona and instantly knew we liked each other. Unlike many other love stories, ours started off a bit rocky and we didn’t become official until December of 2010.

  • It was second semester freshman year and I was scrambling to find a new date to my upcoming Sigma Kappa date dash. Instead of asking one of my good guy friends I thought I would step out of my comfort zone and ask the cute guy that recently caught my eye in Beta Theta Pi.

  • My wife, Anna, and I have a love story out of the movies. After knowing each other only as softball teammates for a little over a year in Boston I was getting on a plane at 6 a.m. to go to Arizona for a U of A Alumni board meeting and got a tap on my shoulder.

  • I remember the first time I saw Jason; it was the first day of classes and he came bursting into my acting class 15 minutes late. He was wearing basketball shorts, a polo, a backwards hat and flip flops…nothing matched. He claims he saw me roll my eyes when he walked in.

  • At the beginning of my sophomore year (1965) I suggested to someone I had just met that we go bowling. At the bowling alley we met Dave Dress who was working the desk there. He dated my friend and I dated a friend of his off and on until Dave left to join the Air Force in 1967.

  • I moved into Sun Terrace (the University had rented it to use as a dorm) in 1988 and met John. I thought that he was a dork and he didn’t care much for me either. We were both desk clerks and got to know each other. We became friends and hung out often. On Valentine’s Day we went to the library... more

  • When I was a freshman in college I stayed home in Phoenix and went to a community college, but my best friends attended UA, so naturally, I visited a lot. My best friend worked at Highland Market and during a visit I met her there after her shift. I don't remember meeting Gabe, but he remembered... more