• Thanks to Luis' best friend, also named Luis (affectionately known as "Ito"), Jessie and Luis, nicknamed "Ote," met a a salsa dancing club, El Parador, in Tucson. Jessie asked Ito in Spanish class if he wanted to go salsa dancing since Jessie had just come back from studying abroad in Mexico and... more

  • Brad and I were both originally from Ohio. Our families had moved to Arizona a year apart (1964 and 1965). We grew up on opposite sides of Tucson, attending rival high schools, and didn't meet until my freshman/his sophomore year at U of A. 

  • When Roque Luna, born in NYC, finished his tour of duty with the U.S. Air Force, he went to Italy on vacation. It was there he met a young woman from Catania, Sicily, named Gabriella Albanese and, for both, it was love at first sight.

  • My fiance and I just recently did our engagement photos at the University of Arizona Farm on Roger and Campbell. Jordan is an agriculture education major and now teaches at Mesquite High School. I was an animal science major and now work for the Arizona Beef Council.  

  • When we began dating, I would wait outside Old Main for her and we'd meet at the fountain. I knew I was going to marry this beautiful young lady when I was willing to take a woman's studies class with her even though I didn't need the elective. We've been together for 26 years, married for 21... more

  • It's been 53 years since our U of A days and 4 children and 10 grandchildren later, we are still Valentine's Day sweethearts!

  • Shawnee and I shared a few classes in fashion merchandising in 1995. There were over 120 girls and only 10 guys. What a ratio.

    Clearly, she wanted nothing to do with me! She was the studious one and I was the social one. However, a 15-minute conversation one day at the student union... more

  • I joined the medical fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Delta, as a marketing and fine arts major because my best friend was president. We ended up taking a club trip to Las Vegas which is where I met Joey who was also a member of the UA AED organization. That was two years ago and we've been dating ever... more

  • I met my wife while we were both studying at the College of Architecture. She was walking in and I was leaving with some friends. Later that night I found her in her studio and asked her if she had any materials I needed for a structures class. 

  • David and I met while doing dishes after a Valentine's dinner/dance at the Newman Center on the UA Campus in 1975. We've been doing dishes together ever since. We married after I completed my master's degree in 1978.  

    - Ellen Murphy '77 '78