• Brad and I were both originally from Ohio. Our families had moved to Arizona a year apart (1964 and 1965). We grew up on opposite sides of Tucson, attending rival high schools, and didn't meet until my freshman/his sophomore year at U of A. 

  • When Roque Luna, born in NYC, finished his tour of duty with the U.S. Air Force, he went to Italy on vacation. It was there he met a young woman from Catania, Sicily, named Gabriella Albanese and, for both, it was love at first sight.

  • My fiance and I just recently did our engagement photos at the University of Arizona Farm on Roger and Campbell. Jordan is an agriculture education major and now teaches at Mesquite High School. I was an animal science major and now work for the Arizona Beef Council.  

  • When we began dating, I would wait outside Old Main for her and we'd meet at the fountain. I knew I was going to marry this beautiful young lady when I was willing to take a woman's studies class with her even though I didn't need the elective. We've been together for 26 years, married for 21... more

  • It's been 53 years since our U of A days and 4 children and 10 grandchildren later, we are still Valentine's Day sweethearts!

  • Shawnee and I shared a few classes in fashion merchandising in 1995. There were over 120 girls and only 10 guys. What a ratio.

    Clearly, she wanted nothing to do with me! She was the studious one and I was the social one. However, a 15-minute conversation one day at the student union... more

  • I joined the medical fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Delta, as a marketing and fine arts major because my best friend was president. We ended up taking a club trip to Las Vegas which is where I met Joey who was also a member of the UA AED organization. That was two years ago and we've been dating ever... more

  • I met my wife while we were both studying at the College of Architecture. She was walking in and I was leaving with some friends. Later that night I found her in her studio and asked her if she had any materials I needed for a structures class. 

  • David and I met while doing dishes after a Valentine's dinner/dance at the Newman Center on the UA Campus in 1975. We've been doing dishes together ever since. We married after I completed my master's degree in 1978.  

    - Ellen Murphy '77 '78

  • I arrived in Tucson in the late summer of 1949, having transferred from Ohio State and about to begin my junior year at the U of A. I was living temporarily with my sister Becky and her husband until I could find my own living quarters.