• We met quite by accident. My roommate and I were waiting for a friend to come down to our room so we could go out. He never showed. My roommate went looking for him and never came back. So I went looking for him at our friend's room in Kiabab-Huachuca dorm.

  • I was on the Angel Flight Drill Team. He was on the AFROTC Drill Team. We met in the spring of 1974 at a drill team party where I asked him to dance. I knew he was the one that first night.

  • My husband and I met at the UA in 1984. I was a sophomore, and he was a freshman. We met at a fraternity party. Dated all through school and married two weeks after graduation.

  • I met my love at the UA when we shared the pharmacy building with the microbiology department. I was studying pharmacy and she was studying microbiology.

    I told her we are going to have the love affair of the year! The picture is of us in Santorini, Greece. We will celebrate 50 years of... more

  • Brad and I met in Physiology lab during the spring semester of 2008 when we were both sophomores. After more than eight years together, we recently tied the knot on Aug. 20, 2016 in Lake Tahoe. We ended our wedding by singing "Bear Down, Arizona" on the dance floor with all our alumni friends.... more

  • Our friends all knew we'd make a good couple, and tried incessantly to match us up. But it took a chance encounter at the Student Union between classes to arrange our first official date. 

  • Kathryn Wright and Shane Morrison met in the Harvill building at UA in a medical sociology class.

  • We lived a few doors apart in Arbol de la Vida, and after a few months of being just friends, we started dating.

    Three years together were filled with school and summers interning together in Washington, D.C. and Peru. After deciding to move to Chicago after graduation, Trevor surprised... more

  • We met our freshman year during a large general education class. It was Eastern European Cinema and Brian sat next to me about two weeks into the semester. The class was watching a silent film and Brian began to snore...who would of that that this "weirdo" snoring next to me would soon become... more

  • We met our freshman year in English class, and then found out that we lived in the same dorm, Yavapai Hall.