• Paul ’06 and Laura (Polito) Strangio ’06 were engaged at the University of Arizona on graduation day right on Legacy Lane in front of the Hall of Champions. Paul just knew he had to propose to Laura in a very special way and what could be better than at the U of A.

  • Jared and I met through mutual friends at the University of Arizona. Jared initially asked me on a date by asking to buy Girl Scout cookies from my troop on AIM instant messenger.

    We went on one date, but I wasn’t feeling the chemistry and told him so…. whoops!

  • In the fall of 1984, after a quick kiss while thoroughly enjoying the dancing at the epic Graham/Greenlee Courtyard Party, Jinny (Virginia Briden ’87 BS Psych) and I thought it best to maintain our friendship as it was.

  • Joey and I met on the UA campus the Fall of 1998. We started dating in February 1999. We were both very involved with SIFE and our Sorority (Kappa Delta Chi) and Fraternity (Sigma Lambda Beta) life. Joey graduated in December of 1999 with his Retailing and Consumer Studies degree. Wal-Mart Inc... more

  • As a Tucson native, I always thought that I would go to the “U.” My dad has worked here most of my life and I had so many wonderful childhood memories on campus. So it was big shock when I chose to attend an Ivy League university instead.

  • Darren and I met when I was a freshman and he was a junior. We met during rush when he escorted me into AEPhi. He and two of his fraternity brothers walked each girl in. The first time we really hung out was at a sorority formal. We both had other dates but ended up hanging out together.

  • My husband, Stephen Duff (’77, BS in Accounting), and I met at the Chi Omega and Pi Kappa Alpha mixer at The Green Dolphin in December of 1976. I came to the event with my best friend and saw him from across the room and immediately knew he was the man I was going to marry – despite the fact he... more

  • This is my parents love story. Arthur and Susan (Brierton) Goldberg are going on 41 years of marriage after meeting at the U of A. My father was Air Force ROTC, active in SUAB, Blue Key and Chain Gang. My mother was a Phi Mu. They met through mutual friends in her sorority.

  • In 2009 I got a job at the retail store by the ticket office at the McKale Center. After about a year of working there I noticed a very tall girl walk by the store almost every morning. After a couple months of seeing this girl walk by I decided to figure out who she was.