Shawnee '97 and Shane '96

Shawnee and I shared a few classes in fashion merchandising in 1995. There were over 120 girls and only 10 guys. What a ratio.

Clearly, she wanted nothing to do with me! She was the studious one and I was the social one. However, a 15-minute conversation one day at the student union turned into three hours.

When I got back to my house off campus, I told my roommates that I met my wife. Once of them responded by saying "Shut up, dude, you just saw another hot chick on campus!" Little did I know, that guy became my best man at my wedding and shared that story with every one there.

We got some laughs, especially from our Wildcats! We celebrate 15 years in June. #thanksUofA #beardown 

- Shane Doherty '97