Myriam '79 and Dominic Ortega '78

I saw Myriam coming down the stairwell at the Student Union. I recognized her from an introduction 2 years prior and hadn't seen her since then. I said hi and asked her where she was going. She was looking for her SUPO mailbox. As a sophomore i offered to show the new freshman around. We found her mailbox and it was directly below mine, it was fate. I latched on to her, head over heals in Love. Over the next 4 years we dated. I signed the cards for the many gifts and flowers I sent her, " To the Love of my Life and my Future ....We have been happily married for 38 years with 3 beautiful children who all attended the UA. There is some debate as to the exact bench where the first kiss took place all I do remember was that it rocked my world. Today as always, she is still the Love of my Life, now and Forever.