Margie Roth '68 '72 and Craig Jennings '69 '72

When I was a 1st Semester Junior in the business school I had to take a class called Logic, inductive and deductive reasoning. I was trying to improve my GPA so I was sitting in the first row. In week 2 the professor indicated that he had nothing to do with our grade as it was a massive curve. Why was I in the front row now? I looked around and saw this cute girl a few rows back. I got up and sat next to her. It was our last class of the day and she was a Gamma Phi and I was an ATO --i had to walk right past her house. I started walking her home. Margie was struggling with the class --my roommate was getting an A --I told her to come over and he can tutor us. We started dating in January, were engaged in late April, were married one year from when we met. September 7, 2018 will be our 50th anniversary. We have 2 children --Jaina and Dan our son went to UofA on a golf scholarship. Margie and I have our BS and MS from UofA. We have 4 grand children with another one due in February. We live in Newport Beach. We love following UofA's sports. Bear Down!