Leslie McIntyre '97 and Shana Huber '01

My now wife and I met through a campus ministry group her freshman year and my senior year. We didn’t interact much at first. She was a part of a Bible study group I led of freshmen girls who met for breakfast once a week.

The main group met for dinner and fellowship on Tuesday nights. One Tuesday, after our meeting a group of us went to coffee. As we all were leaving after coffee, she flagged me down and asked if I wanted to get lunch later that week. Her request shocked her and she had no clue what compelled her to ask me...she didn’t even like me!

I said sure and lunch became hanging out watching movies became Christmas with my family (hers lives in New Jersey and she was sick of the cold).

Family Christmas led to us becoming roommates and ultimately sharing with our families that we loved each other and couldn’t imagine life without being together. We finally got married on October 11, 2015 in beautiful Copper Hall at Hotel Congress, surrounded by family and friends. We laugh when we think back on our journey...the U of A brought us together and we are proud Wildcats for Life!