Laura and Paul

Paul ’06 and Laura (Polito) Strangio ’06 were engaged at the University of Arizona on graduation day right on Legacy Lane in front of the Hall of Champions. Paul just knew he had to propose to Laura in a very special way and what could be better than at the U of A. He shocked everyone especially the man in charge of putting in the Legacy Lane tiles.

At first Paul called and got a “it can’t be done, (that quickly)” response. So, he went back to the drawing board. He followed up only a few moments later with another phone call, only this time it was Paul saying “I don’t care what it takes, this is the way I have to propose, nothing else would be as special!”

Eventually a small promise was made that they would try their best, and the stone was put in with only days to spare. Paul had just enough time to ask her dad for his only daughter’s hand in marriage, while showing him the ring and the stone the night before.

After graduation, Paul walked Laura and the rest of the family to the spot and Laura was brought to tears as she said “Yes!”

Happy fifth anniversary, Wildcats!!!