Kari and Jared

Jared and I met through mutual friends at the University of Arizona. Jared initially asked me on a date by asking to buy Girl Scout cookies from my troop on AIM instant messenger.

We went on one date, but I wasn’t feeling the chemistry and told him so…. whoops!

We continued to be friends throughout our time at University of Arizona, seeing each other at parties, in front of math classes (He was a math major, and I was a math minor.), and we would always be invited to each other’s events.

When we met back up after graduating at my best friend’s birthday party, the sparks flew immediately and we’ve been together ever since! We officially tied the knot March 31, 2012 and you can see our lovely groom’s cake!

We love the University of Arizona and will continue to go back for homecomings and alumni events to remind us of where we built our foundation of friendship on which our amazing love can grow. <3 UA

Kari Ehm ’08