Jessie '06 and Luis '07

Thanks to Luis' best friend, also named Luis (affectionately known as "Ito"), Jessie and Luis, nicknamed "Ote," met a a salsa dancing club, El Parador, in Tucson. Jessie asked Ito in Spanish class if he wanted to go salsa dancing since Jessie had just come back from studying abroad in Mexico and was still embracing the Latin culture.

Ito brought Ote (his roommate from the UA) who wasn't exactly interested in being at the club and quickly left. Ote claims that Jessie was staring at him throughout the night...  but Jessie denies this.

The next day when Jessie told Ito that Ote wasn't very social, he said that he was "interested" in me and that he'd be calling me.

Sure enough, Ote did. Although Jessie doesn't drink coffee, they met up for a late-night/early-morning coffee the next night and talked for hours.

Ever since that night, the two have been inseparable.

Together they have moved from Tucson to Phoenix and now they reside in San Diego.

As long as they are together, their Wildcat pride is strong and seeing as these two are complete opposites, the UA is the connection that brought them together.

- Jessie and Luis Bustamante