Jenny and Joey

Joey and I met on the UA campus the Fall of 1998. We started dating in February 1999. We were both very involved with SIFE and our Sorority (Kappa Delta Chi) and Fraternity (Sigma Lambda Beta) life. Joey graduated in December of 1999 with his Retailing and Consumer Studies degree. Wal-Mart Inc. recruited him to work at the home office in Bentonville, Ark., in their Merchandising department.

We dated long distance for about a year. After I graduated in December of 2000, I also went to work for the Wal-Mart home office. We dated a couple years while living in Bentonville and both working for Wal-Mart.

Joey asked me marry him in March of 2002. We wanted to have a big wedding back in Tucson, since that is where we met. We had a beautiful wedding surrounded by family and friends on May 24, 2003 in Tucson.

We are still enjoying life in Bentonville, Ark. However, we do miss Tucson dearly. We now have two beautiful daughters, Jasmine, 6, and Jianna who will be three at the end of February. We are excited that we will celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary this year!

Jenny Huerta, December 2000, BA Communication