Jasmine Gharib '14 and Matthew Dusard '14

Matt and I met during our junior year in the College of Engineering when he joined Tau Beta Pi. But it was not until our senior year that we got to know each other.

Jasmine and MatthewDuring Fall 2013 Homecoming, we were hanging out with friends at the tailgate party when a woman nearby asked us, "You two look so cute together, are you married?" We both blushed and started laughing. The following Monday after class Matt asked me on our first date saying, "I know we're not married yet, but would you go out to dinner with me?"

Our second date was actually later that same week after a club meeting where we won two tickets to a U of A basketball game! (thanks to Dean Baygents!)

After graduation, I moved to Los Angeles for work and Matt accepted a job in Tucson. We made it through four years of long-distance and got married on June 1, 2019!

We are so grateful the U of A brought us together. Even though we live in L.A. now, Tucson will always be our home. Go Cats!

-- Jasmine Gharib '14