Holly '99 and Jeff '98

Our friends all knew we'd make a good couple, and tried incessantly to match us up. But it took a chance encounter at the Student Union between classes to arrange our first official date. 

On our first date we meandered through campus for hours, lost in each other's company. A few months later we joined a roving throng of Wildcats celebrating the 1997 NCAA basketball championship in a spontaneous celebratory dance in the Old Main fountain.

We were married in February 1998 in the heart of campus at the Newman Center, the same place Holly's parents were wed 25 years earlier (Holly even wore the same dress that her mother Sue was married in). 

Today, we live in Glendale with our three children, who we drag along with us while meandering the campus on our frequent visits back to the UA.

-- Jeff Schrade '98