Elaine '51 and Phil '50

I arrived in Tucson in the late summer of 1949, having transferred from Ohio State and about to begin my junior year at the U of A. I was living temporarily with my sister Becky and her husband until I could find my own living quarters. For my first glimpse of the campus my brother-in-law Dean, a student in the journalism department, took me on a quick tour. As we walked out the back door of Old Main, we ran into Phil Waggener, one of Dean’s classmates and the new editor of the Wildcat. We didn’t linger, because Phil was on deadline for the first issue, but something obviously clicked between us because we soon became "an item." Thirteen months later we were married and living in Miami, Ariz., where Phil was the entire editorial staff of the town’s weekly newspaper.

Fast-forward half a century to the year 2000, when we attended the 50th Homecoming of Phil’s class. As we drove through the campus to explore all the changes, we passed Old Main. Phil dropped me off there before going to park the car and suggested that we meet at Old Main's back door where we first saw each other. As I sat waiting for him I heard footsteps coming up beside me and a familiar voice saying "You must be Elaine. I’ve heard lots about you from Dean and Becky and seen your picture." We asked a coed passing by to take a photo of us at the exact spot by the door and then told her our story. "Oh, that’s so cool!" she said. And indeed it was.

We will celebrate our 64th anniversary in October.

- Elaine Waggener '51