Edye '78 '80 and Brad '77 '79 '81

Brad and I were both originally from Ohio. Our families had moved to Arizona a year apart (1964 and 1965). We grew up on opposite sides of Tucson, attending rival high schools, and didn't meet until my freshman/his sophomore year at U of A. 

First set eyes on him at a Camp Wildcat meeting on Mount Lemmon and knew he was the one!  We married in 1977, lived in Christopher City married housing for 4 years, and completed five degrees between us. Moved to northern New Mexico where Brad worked for Los Alamos National Laboratory for 27 years and we had two wonderful sons. 

We are currently living in Virginia and celebrated our 37th anniversary last November.

(P.S. I was right: he was definitely "the one!" Still is.) 

- Edye Nelson Clark