Arthur and Susan

This is my parents love story. Arthur and Susan (Brierton) Goldberg are going on 41 years of marriage after meeting at the U of A. My father was Air Force ROTC, active in SUAB, Blue Key and Chain Gang. My mother was a Phi Mu. They met through mutual friends in her sorority.

Depending on who you talk to, you might get two different (but funny) versions of how they started dating.

They graduated in 1972 and married in June of that year. After a couple of moves for the Air Force, they came back to Tucson.

They raised two daughters that both graduated from the U of A in 1995 and 1997. (Was there any other choice for us?). They have three future Wildcats (grandchildren) and continue to set an amazing example of love for their family. They have been season ticket holders to both football and basketball games for nearly 30 years.

They are clearly Wildcats for Life!

The picture of them was taken during Homecoming 1971.

Stephanie Goldberg Dalmo, 1997, BA Sociology