Amy Behrhorst '90 and Jim Meade '90

I DID meet the love of my life while we were both students at U of A! I had transferred to U of A after having traveled two years with Up With People and Jim had transferred back to U of A after time in New York so we were both slightly older students. It was love at first sight!

Jim's friend was working as a bartender at Mama Louisa's and I was a server. His friend introduced us while I was picking up drinks and when I left he said, "I'm going to marry that girl." He got a job a Mama Louisa's the next day and the rest is history! One date and we have been together ever since! He notes that today that might be considered stalking. We spent countless hours on campus - our favorite study spots were Old Main and Figgly Fig. 
We watched every football game and basketball game together ("Steeeevvvveee Keeerrrrr!). We were married the summer after graduation in June 1990 and played the Bear Down fight song to enter at our reception! The groomsmen wore U of A boxer shorts which went on display during the reception!
We have two grown children and while we live in Pennsylvania, we get back to Tucson and campus whenever we can! Wildcats for life!