Amanda and Bryan

In 2009 I got a job at the retail store by the ticket office at the McKale Center. After about a year of working there I noticed a very tall girl walk by the store almost every morning. After a couple months of seeing this girl walk by I decided to figure out who she was. I had noticed that she was an athlete from her backpack with her jersey number embroidered onto it. I got onto the athletics website and found out that she played basketball for U of A and her name was Amanda.

Some people (including her) would say that I was stalking her, but I beg to differ. With basketball being my favorite sport and being attracted to tall girls I was very interested. After several more months went by, my friend told me that he got the number of one of the women’s basketball players. So I told him to ask her about Amanda and to our surprise they were roommates!

We set up a double date at their place and after hours of talking and watching a movie I asked for her number. We dated for the next year and a half and in June of 2011 I asked her to marry me. We both graduated in May of 2012 then got married in Tucson on June 2. In July of 2012 we moved to Kansas City. If I didn’t attend U of A I would have never met the love of my life!


Bryan Fraunfelter, 2012