• I graduated from U of A in 2002 and was working in Tucson. Sonia had just transferred to U of A from Drake University at that time to escape the snowy winters. We met through a common friend during her orientation week at Maloney's, and went on our first date a week after.  

  • We met in November 2013 at his club sport team’s party — a couple weeks later he was my sorority formal date.

  • We met in organic chemistry lab. We first “locked eyes” through foggy goggles while we were wearing big lab coats.

    We were not each other’s lab partners but instead we’re placed right across from each other. So every time we looked up we were accidentally catching each other’s eye.

  • We met while both participating in Air Force ROTC.

  • While attending the University of Arizona, I met the love of my life!

    It was my junior year and I was living off campus. One night, a lost dog wandered into our home because the door was briefly open. A few minutes later, a few guys came looking for him who turned out to be our neighbors... more

  • Matt and I met during our junior year in the College of Engineering when he joined Tau Beta Pi. But it was not until our senior year that we got to know each other.

  • Amanda and I met in June 1999 at our freshman orientation. To be exact, it was on the sand volleyball court behind the Arizona-Sonora dorm. We were on opposite sides and to get her attention I attempted to serve the ball at her, but all my serves ended up going over her head.

  • Marlene and I had mutual friends throughout high school and college but never had talked or hung out before our final year at the UA. Our last year we began talking more and found out we had things in common than just mutual friends.

  • My now wife and I met through a campus ministry group her freshman year and my senior year. We didn’t interact much at first. She was a part of a Bible study group I led of freshmen girls who met for breakfast once a week.

  • When I was a 1st Semester Junior in the business school I had to take a class called Logic, inductive and deductive reasoning. I was trying to improve my GPA so I was sitting in the first row.