2012 Alumni of the Year Award Winners

“It has been said that the reputation of a university can be determined by the success of its alumni,” said Melinda Burke, president and executive director of the UA Alumni Association. “The  Alumni of the Year award winners represent what’s best about this university from alumni who have made significant contributions to all facets of society.”

David S. Crawford 
College of Engineering
Rick A. Joy 
College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture  
Bennett and Jacquelynn Dorrance
College of Humanities
E. Philip Krider 
College of Science  
Augustine P. Gallego
College of Education
Annie Larkin
University of Arizona South  
Neil Gehrels 
Honors College
Christopher M. McGuire
Eller College of Management  
Gilbert R. Gonzales 
College of Medicine
Kyle J. Myers
College of Optical Sciences  
Dan Hicks 
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Henry E. Plimack
College of Fine Arts  
Pamela S. Hinds 
College of Nursing
James M. Webb
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences