Astounding Antarctica

February 4, 2020 to February 15, 2020

On this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, experience the pristine beauty and vastness of Antarctica. Embark from Ushuaia, Argentina, and cruise through the Drake Passage to the South Shetland Islands amid the Antarctic Peninsula. Trek through penguin rookeries, observe vast flocks of seabirds, learn about Antarctic ice conditions and discover the sites of scientific expeditions. Cruise aboard the nimble Ocean Adventurer, designed specifically for polar cruising. The maneuverability of this small ship means double the opportunities for shore landings and access to more bays than larger ships can offer. The ship also features an ice-strengthened hull and fin stabilizers for smoother sailing.

From approx. $9,495 pp/do

Plus airfare and taxes
Dates and prices are subject to change

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Astounding Antarctica
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