Find a Mentor

Want to learn from Wildcats who have been there before? Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term guidance, we can help you find a mentor today.


Short-term: Bear Down Network

If you’re looking for flexibility, check out the Bear Down Network, where you will find thousands of Wildcats who are willing to help.

Start by creating your free account on the Bear Down Network. Find a mentor by navigating to the network directory and filtering to your industry of interest, major or location. Look for people with a blue “willing to help” badge next to their name.

Check out some of the featured mentors and visit the network to find thousands more from various industries. 

Join the Bear Down Network now 


Long-term: Wildcat Mentor Society 

Connect with accomplished Wildcat mentors in a formal, eight-month mentoring program. When you join the Wildcat Mentor Society, you’ll be connected to a cohort of like-minded peers and an industry-leading mentor. 

Apply now for the Wildcat Mentor Society