Class of 1970 Reunion: Who is Coming?

Will you return to campus for your golden reunion? Spread the word! Get your friends involved! All the information you need about the reunion is at

Thank you to our Class of 1970 Reunion Committee for their commitment to making this a memorable weekend! Come home to the University of Arizona campus to reconnect, reminisce and celebrate! 

Class of 1970 Reunion Committee: 
Additional class members who are attending:

What your classmates are saying?

Carole Johnson Butelma

"I have fond memories of arriving at the airport in 1966 carrying my dome-top hair dryer covered with a yellow and orange flowered design. Being helped by cute guys who drove us to the dorm, and knowing that fun times were on the way. I was not disappointed. I can't wait to see old friends and renew old friendships."

Doug Davis

"Haven’t been in Tucson in many years. Looking forward to being at the U of A again. Hope all are healthy, and stay that way."

Roberta Gates

"So grateful for the excellent education I received at the U of A  College of Nursing. It has served me well throughout 50 years of nursing practice. Looking forward to reconnecting with my classmates and colleagues."

Tom Jones

Tom Jones

"Fellow members of the UA Class of 1970, I am looking forward to sharing this milestone event with you."

Marjorie Nuckols

"Graduation from the University of Arizona was an important milestone in my life leading to a successful career, life and retirement."

Miguel Rivera

"Would love to see my graduating classmates!"

Andy Silverman

Andrew "Andy" Silverman

"I lived in Kaibab Huachuca dorm my freshman year. Looking forward to seeing some friends and making new ones."