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More than 10,000 University of Arizona alumni live outside of the United States, and the number is growing. Stay connected to the university and other Wildcats through the University of Arizona Alumni Association. Find ways to stay engaged, no matter where you live.

  • Become a Global Ambassador
    • Connect alumni who live in your country or region
    • Be a contact for faculty who are visiting or doing research in your country/region
    • Talk to students who are interested in studying in the U.S. about considering the University of Arizona
    • Connect with Arizona students who are studying abroad in your country/region.

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Meet your Global Ambassadors

The Alumni Ambassadors program is a partnership between the Alumni Association and the Office of Global Initiatives. The program engages alumni volunteers around the world who act as liaisons for the university and the Alumni Association in their home countries.

Whether you live in the region, or happen to be traveling there, take a moment to connect with a fellow Wildcat. 


162 UA Alumni in Australia

Brett Moore '10, Brisbane

Brett earned a BS in regional development and business management. While at the UA he played rugby and still follows Wildcat rugby. He is employed as business development manager for Esri Australia.

Brett is eager to connect with other Wildcats living in or traveling to Australia and has created LinkedIn accounts for Arizona Wildcats Biz Networks, University of Arizona Rugby, and University of Arizona – Australia Alumni.

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162 UA Alumni in Australia

Supriya Pathak '05, Sydney

Supriya earned a BSBA in management information systems from the Eller College. While at the UA, she was elected president of the Management Information Systems Association. She attributes the University of Arizona for the success she has attained in life.  She moved to Australia with her husband in 2016 and is currently a consultant for Deloitte Sydney. Supriya is passionate about connecting with the Wildcat community in Australia as well as recruiting new students.  

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45 UA alumni in Chile

Mario F. Illanes ‘74, Valparaiso

Mario graduated from the College of Business and Public Administration where he studied Labor Relations, Personnel Administration and Marketing. He also played Rugby.

Mario is now retired. He is interested in developing Wildcat alumni networks in Chile.

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1,458 UA alumni in China

Si Xu ’10, Chengdu

Si graduated with an MS in Environmental Engineering. After receiving his degree he lived briefly in Texas then returned home to Chengdu. He is now an engineering consultant.

Si wants to develop a Wildcat network in Chengdu, work with new student recruitment, and be a contact for UA faculty and students who visit the region.

Contact Si at


1,458 UA alumni in China

Desmond Fang  ‘01, Hong Kong/Shenzhen

Desmond manages business operations for Samba TV and wants to give back to the UA by expanding the university’s presence in Asia.

While studying at the Eller College, Desmond was active with Alpha Kappa Psi, Delta Sigma Phi, and the Order of Omega.

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1,458 UA alumni in China; 194 alumni in Hong Kong

Matthew Ryan  ‘10, Hong Kong

Matt graduated from the Eller College with a finance degree in business administration. While at the University of Arizona, Matt served as treasurer of Sigma Chi and Order of Omega. He was also a member of the Financial Management Association. Upon graduating, he worked as a financial analyst for Boeing in Seattle but in 2012 decided to pursue his global interests and moved to Hong Kong where he took a position with a global manufacturing firm.

Matt completed his MBA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and currently works as head of business development for Tri-Wall Limited, where he is responsible for global acquisitions and setting up subsidiaries in new markets. Matt is excited for the opportunity to connect with fellow Wildcats and speak with prospective students. 

Contact Matt at


242 UA alumni in Germany

Jonathan Rummel '13, Berlin

Jonathan graduated from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences with a degree in political science and Italian. He also was involved with the College of Humanities' Student Ambassadors and CIAO Italian Club. Jonathan currently lives in Berlin where he is studying at the Hertie School of Governance. Jonathan is eager to facilitate a strong and connected UA alumni network in Berlin and Germany.

Contact Jonathan at



890 UA alumni in India

Ashok Ahuja ’65, New Delhi

Ashok is self-employed as a consulting engineer. As a student he was active in sports and was named an honorary citizen of Tucson by the mayor of Tucson.

Ashok would like to facilitate partnerships to enhance UA’s presence in India.

Contact Ashok at or +91.981.104.6387

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890 UA alumni in India

Akash Jain ’10, Delhi

Akash graduated from the Eller College of Management with an MBA, entrepreneurship. While he was at the UA he was active with Net Impact, Habitat for Humanity, and Business Case Competitions.

He is co-founder of Reka Global Water Ltd. Akash would like to develop a UA Alumni Network in Delhi.

Contact Akash at or +91.783.827.3834

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169 UA alumni in Indonesia

Esterlyta "Lyta" Pandjaitan '01, Jakarta

A member of the Indonesian Student Association while a student at the UA, Esterlyta “Lyta” Pandjaitan graduated from the College of Engineering in 2001 and is now a telecommunication consultant in Jakarta.

She is connected with several Wildcat alumni in Jakarta, and she would like to reach out to the rest of the country to help Wildcats stay connected and support the UA in Indonesia.  

Contact Lyta at

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28 UA alumni in Ireland

Jim Gorman ’97, Dublin

Earning a BS in Physiology from the College of Science, Jim competed on the Club rugby team and various other intramural sports.

Jim is a senior health promotion officer at Health Service Executive in Dublin. He is interested in developing an alumni network in Ireland, acting as liaison for visiting faculty and students, and helping with new student recruitment.

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77 UA alumni in Israel

Tel Aviv Beaches

Lili Sehayek Niv ‘98

Lili earned an LLM in International Trade Law from the James E. Rogers College of Law. She is currently enrolled in the law school’s Doctor of Juridical Science – SJD – in International Trade and Business Law.

Lili is willing to help facilitate contacts and alumni networks in Israel. Don’t hesitate to contact her for any matter she can help with.  

Contact Lili at


61 UA alumni in Italy

Gabriella (Albanese) Luna '85 and Roque Luna '86, Venice

Gabriella and her husband, Roque, moved to Venice 17 years ago and spent several years in Milan before that. Gabriella was born in Italy and returned to her home country shortly after graduating from the UA in 1985, where she taught Italian and received her MA in Linguistics. Roque graduated in 1986 with a degree in business and public administration and was involved with the Veterans Club. In Venice, Gabriella is a teacher and Roque is a manager at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, one of Italy’s premier museums. Gabriella is grateful to the UA and the education she received. She and Roque want to share their love of Italy with anyone involved with the UA.

Contact Gabriella and Roque at


650 UA alumni in Japan

Claudia Kunschak ´03, Kyoto
Claudia earned her Ph.D. in language, reading and culture from the College of Education. During her time at UA, she volunteered for Literacy Volunteers of Tucson (now Literacy Connects), was member of the UA Tricats Club, and traveled all over the region, from the New Mexico pueblos to Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, to name just a few.
After graduating, Claudia taught at universities in Spain and China and is now a professor at the College of International Relations, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan. She is looking forward to serving as a liaison between UA faculty and students looking to come to Japan for work or study and Japanese students who are interested in coming to UA.
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650 UA alumni in Japan

Masahiro Miki ’75, Tokyo

Masa earned an MA in Economics. As a student he founded and was the first president of the Japanese student club. Masa is now executive advisor to Daitec, and serves in advisory positions to several other businesses.

Masa would like to continue developing the alumni network in Tokyo, help with student recruitment, and be liaison for faculty and students visiting or living in the region.

Contact Masa at


85 UA alumni in Jordan

Ayman Abdulhamid ’85, Amman

Ayman earned a BS in Electrical engineering. As a student he established the Jordanian Club. Ayman is now CEO of Bridges Group-Jordan, and his sons are UA students.

Ayman would like to develop an alumni network in Jordan, help with student recruitment and be liaison for faculty and students visiting or living in the region.

Contact Ayman at


774 UA alumni in Mexico

Alberto G. Coppola Joffroy ’82 ’86, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Alberto is a business administrator focused on asset management and tourism in Mexico. He graduated from the Eller College of Management with degrees in finance and marketing. A native of Mexico, he has owned hotels in La Paz and Cabo San Lucas through 2012. Alberto is interested in connecting with Wildcats in the region. 
Contact Alberto at


774 UA alumni in Mexico


Roberto Francisco Miles '17, Mexico City

Roberto received a B.A. in economics in 2017. He is chief commercial officer for Periodico Excelsior, the second largest newspaper in Mexico.

Roberto is interested in helping promote the UA in Mexico, connecting with alumni and giving back to his alma mater any way he can.  

Contact Roberto at


88 UA alumni in Pakistan


Raza Abbas ‘’04 ’06, Karachi

An active student, Raza held leadership positions in Arizona Blue Chip, MIS Association, Toastmasters, and others.  He earned a BSBA and a BA in Communications.

Raza is the CEO of Pathway Global Career Institute based in Pakistan and travels around the globe facilitating sessions for corporate executives and youth.

Raza is interested in developing an alumni network in Pakistan and helping with student recruitment.

Contact Raza at

Saudi Arabia

304 UA alumni in Saudi Arabia

Sheikha Al Dosary, ’14, Riyadh

While at the UA, Sheikha initiated the UA Arabian Club and organized many cultural events and workshops to introduce the UA community to the rich and diverse Middle Eastern cultures and traditions. She was selected as an outreached scholar with the UA Center for Middle Eastern Studies. Sheikha earned her MA in Journalism and works as a communications specialist, a journalist and reporter from Riyadh with well-known media including the New York Times. Sheika is interested in building a community of support for Wildcats abroad and future students.

Contact Shekha at

Singapore and Malaysia

399 UA alumni in Singapore and Malaysia

Azhar Abdul-Salam ‘94, Singapore

Azhar studied Journalism and Communications. As a student he served as co-editor in chief of El Independiente (South Tucson), as VP of the Singapore Student Society, volunteered at the International Student Center, and was awarded the Tucson Mayor’s award for Outstanding International Student. He is a senior lecturer at Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore.

Azhar would like to continue to develop the alumni network in Singapore and Malaysia and act as liaison for faculty and students who are studying or living in the region.

Contact Azhar at

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134 UA alumni in Thailand

Patamaporn “Pat” Sripadungtham ‘89, Nonthaburi

Patamaporn “Pat” Sripadungtham is an assistant professor at Kasesart University in Nonthaburi, Thailand. She graduated with a degree in electrical engineering in 1989 and is looking forward to meeting other Wildcats who live in Thailand. In addition, contact Pat if you are a UA faculty member or student working or studying in Thailand.

Contact Pat at

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United Kingdom

232 UA alumni in the United Kingdom


Rimal Popat '05, London

Rimal Popat is a 2005 graduate of the Eller College of Management. He lives and works in London, where he is a management consultant. He is eager to connect with UA alumni, faculty, and students living temporarily or permanently in the United Kingdom in order to build the UA Global Network in London.

Rimal says, "I am very eager to join this esteemed network as a way of giving back to the University which has afforded me numerous opportunities."

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38 UA alumni in the Vietnam


Khoi Nguyen '05, Ho Chi Minh City

Khoi earned a B.S in management information systems from Eller and is currently managing partner at Global Integrated Business Consultants. During his time at the UA, he was involved with the Vietnamese Student Association, Computer Science Student Group and Multicultural Business Student Association, and he volunteered with ISPS New Student Orientation. His experience at the UA had a profound impact on his life and career. He is looking to give back to the Wildcat community. Khoi would like to develop the alumni network in Vietnam, help with student recruitment, and be a liaison for faculty and students visiting or living in the region.

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