Bear Down Network Featured Mentors

Finding a mentor is valuable at any career stage. Whether you're a student exploring career paths or alumni looking to make a career change, the Bear Down Network makes it easy to connect with accomplished Wildcats and find a mentor who is willing to help. 

Check out some of the mentors below and visit to find thousands more from various industries. 

Brian Bennett

Human Resource Business Partner, NASA

“Mentorship has been important to me throughout my career because it has provided me a sounding board for any challenges I may face and provide me advice on how to enrich my career. Mentors have been there to help me put things in perspective.”

John R. Boekenoogen, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Rothwell Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence / Online Education Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide Campus

“The goal of mentoring is to provide professional development and a holistic view of processes, time management and responsibilities required within a leadership role and real-world leadership/management examples when appropriate.”

Ryan Brown

Vice President, Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC

“While mentorship can mean different things to different people, it’s important that it goes in both directions - received as well as given.”

Megan Coghlan

Founder, Backcourt Marketing

“Mentorship is valuable because in almost all cases, two heads are better than one. It always helps to have another opinion or someone to give you new ideas you may not have thought of yourself.”

Brett Cohen

Vice President – Human Resources, Elbit Systems of America

“It is very rewarding to be able to use what I’ve learned in Human Resources over the years to help my mentees when they face career challenges. The issues I’ve helped them through range from prepping for an interview to how to deal with a difficult co-worker to deciding what the next best step would be for their career. But ultimately, what I really enjoy about the mentor-mentee relationship is that I learn as much from them as they learn from me.”

Jared Cohen

Digital Communications Manager, Troon

“Mentorship has been invaluable for my career. I’ve only grown through experiences and the experiences from others who have afforded me the chance to see how they conduct themselves on a daily basis.”

Linsay Maria Craten

Founder and CEO, C|M Supported Consulting

 “Connecting with those who've traveled the path you wish to take is the best way to ensure your success. My mentors have changed my life in ways for which I'll be forever grateful.”

Jeremy Crutchfield, P.E.

Water Resources Manager, San Diego Water Authority

“Mentorship has been an important part of my professional career in helping me align direction with opportunity. A mentor provides their own experiences to prepare you for what is needed to succeed and helps guide you through your professional journey. Mentorship has certainly been a key component of my success.”



Britny Delp

Engineering Teacher, Central High School

“Mentorship is one of the ways that educators can support each other. I know I appreciated all of the guidance and support from the veteran teachers when I was just getting started and mentoring is a way for me to pay it forward.” 


Lissa Druss

Founder & CEO, Strategia Consulting (a certified Women Business Enterprise)

“There is no possibility I could have accomplished all I have in my career without internships and mentors. Mentors provide interpersonal relationships from which a young professional can grow. Mentors provide guidance and advice and a ‘learn from my mistakes’ path to success.”


Dipti Hingorani

Senior Manager, Advisory Services at Ernst & Young

“Throughout my career at EY, I have been extremely lucky to have a senior leader as my mentor. Her mentoring has had a great deal of impact in shaping me as an individual, personally and professionally. Early on in my career, she taught me the importance of work ethic and authenticity, which have helped me create my personal brand as a young professional. She continues to be my sounding board for new ideas and ambitions and answers my questions through specific examples from her 30+ years of experience.”

Jared Jensen

Technical Lead Nematologist, AgBiome

“Everyone is full of questions about their future and what should they do. The hard part is finding the right person to ask those questions. A good mentor is an invaluable asset to a young Wildcat to learn from, see examples and help shape their future.” 

Dr. Maxwell Johnson

Owner/Dentist, Oracle Family Dental

“I think mentorship is immensely valuable in any industry. Having someone available to ask questions and to help show you the way is something you cannot put a dollar value on. It’s great getting to spend time with someone learning what it takes to be successful.”

Hannah Keogh

Shopping Sales Specialist, Google

“Since graduating from the University of Arizona, I've been lucky enough to have had purposeful, thoughtful mentors that have helped guide my career from PepsiCo to Google along with earning my MBA. Mentors are valuable in the sense that they can assist in developing your launchpad to achieve your professional and personal goals.” 

Kelvin K. F. Ma

Qualifications: B.Sc., M.Sc., MBA, PMP, CEng, MIET, MHKIE
MTR Corporation Ltd.

“I have served as member of committees including the Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET), Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) and the Office of Communication Authority in Hong Kong. I was a mentor to provide advice on engineering, railway communications and technologies projects and advice on career developments for young engineers at the IET, the HKIE and HKU Alumni Engineering students.”

Matt Mullen

Director of Product, NCAA at Turner Sports, a WarnerMedia Company

"Exposure is an invaluable opportunity. By providing the ability to see or experience careers first-hand, mentorship can unlock the motivation or provide the extra emphasis that someone may need to realize dreams that they may have not known were available to them." 

Stacy Nykorchuk

Manager of Product Management, WorldatWork

“Having someone who has navigated our complex workplaces and cultures can be hugely helpful to someone just starting out. There are evolving standards and expectations, yet having a tenured person you can go to can make all the difference in figuring out challenges.”

Tyler Ortiz

Math Instructor, Form Dean, Girls Varsity Basketball Coach

“I am so grateful for the time that veteran teachers and school administrators have given me, in a formal and informal context, and their continued willingness to answer my questions. This access to mentors has helped me to mature in this industry much faster than if I tried to simply do everything on my own.”

Samantha Riestenberg

Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

“Mentorship has been vital to my career growth. I've been very lucky to have excellent mentors, many of them women, who not only help me deal with difficult decisions around work, but also give great advice around navigating the personal with professional.”

Cortez Smith

Manager of Eller Business Consulting, University of Arizona Eller College of Management

“Mentors are critical to career longevity and success. I find mentorship invaluable because often times you don't know what you don't know, but someone else has traveled your path and can help pave the way.”