Spring 2015

Writing Team of Hickey and McCoy

When Pamela Hickey ’75 and Dennys McCoy ’75 met at Tucson’s Catalina High School, they quickly found that they had more in common than their lunch hour. “We were the only people we knew who knew the credits of writers for comedy shows,” says McCoy. 

The pair began writing jokes and plays together. Later, they both attended the University of Arizona. Hickey earned a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and English literature, while McCoy earned his bachelor’s in creative writing. 

With a love for comedy writing and soon to be married, they headed for Hollywood and established themselves as the writing duo of Hickey and McCoy. 

Today, they write children’s comedy for television and Web-based series. They worked on the Emmy-award winning animated series Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks, voiced by Mel Brooks. They also wrote for The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, which is one of their proudest accomplishments. “It was action-comedy in a longer form,” Hickey says. “Which is what we do best,” McCoy continues. “We could be as funny as we wanted.” 

The couple also wrote Rubbish, King of the Jumble, seen in the United Kingdom, and the German animated series Chi Rho: The Secret. They are now working on a YouTube show for viewers in India and a series produced by One Animation in Singapore. 

“One reason Pam and I have had a longer career than others is we look for new opportunities,” McCoy says. 

They also owe their success to tenacity. “We’re always hustling. You always have to move forward,” Hickey says. Importantly, “we have each other’s back,” McCoy adds. 

“If you’re confident in your own work, it keeps you motivated,” Hickey says. “That’s the thing the UA teaches you.”