Wildcats@Work with Dimitrios Alexiou

Dimitrios Alexiou '96 graduated from the UA with a bachelor's degree in biology and is now the president and CEO of the Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties. Read more about his career and how the UA prepared him for his current role.

What is your current career and what are your day-to-day responsibilities? 
I am currently president and CEO of the Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties. My day-to-day responsibilities include working with the 38 hospitals and health systems in the two-county region.

The role of our association is to provide advocacy and representation and be that unifying voice representing all of our hospitals and health systems in the region. We also work hand-in-hand with the California Hospital Association. Our priorities are vetted through a 16-member board of CEOs. They represent the diversity of all our hospital and health systems, which provides a big tent to discuss how HASD&IC can best advocate on behalf of all of our members.

How did your time at the UA prepare you to make networking connections and be successful as a professional?
My time at the UA prepared me to be successful by providing the educational foundation for my career. Being at a large university taught me that networking was key to be able to stand out and build relationships within a large crowd. In addition, I built relationships that I still maintain today from my time at the UA.

What is the best piece of career advice you have ever received?
I have two, actually. First, relationships are everything. Spend as much time developing and creating relationships as you do with your job. You never know who will be your future boss, colleague or partner. Second, you shouldn’t be the smartest one in the room. It’s important to be surrounded by people who will challenge your ideas and bring new perspectives to the table.