Fall 2015

Kysha Mounia ’98: Quiztory

When Kysha Mounia ’98 and her sister D’Anna moved west to Arizona, they were dismayed to find that the kind of rich African-American culture they had grown up with in Gary, Indiana, was all too rare.

So the women, both entertainment-industry professionals, began thinking about ways to build connections between young African-Americans and their heritage. 

The result is Quiztory, a brainy black-history multimedia app cleverly disguised as a trivia game for teens.

“Quiztory celebrates African-American achievements,” says Kysha Mounia, “from current-day pop culture to the contributions of those who came before us. It’s all about building a sense of identity and appreciating black heritage. It’s really important for young people to have pride, so they are able to connect with something and want to strive for something.”

To expand that message, the sisters also host “This Day in Quiztory.” Broadcast on iHeartRadio and often featuring celebrities, it distills important historical events into crisp, easily digestible narratives. 

The idea may seem simple, but realizing it has called for ingenuity, determination, and years of hard work. As a television producer, Kysha Mounia routinely puts in 10-hour workdays — only to log a few more hours on Quiztory when she gets home. And the sisters have had to figure out the process along the way. “D’Anna and I really didn’t know how we were going to get from A to Z. It was about taking the journey and taking the risk. There were no maps and no instructions. We were laser focused on making it happen — and we were willing to do whatever it took to make sure that it did.”

You can download Quiztory on iTunes and Google Play.