Fall 2019

Kameron Peyton: Carving a Path Forward

• Wildcat Excellence Tuition Award
• UA Black Alumni Club Scholarship
• Honors College Grant
• Silver and Sage Award
• Class of 2020, Neuroscience and Cognitive Science

Choosing what you’ll do for the rest of your life is no simple proposition. When Kameron Peyton arrived at the University of Arizona, he chose a major that complemented two postgraduate options: law school and medical school. 

“Neuroscience allows me to go in both directions,” he says. “I want to connect with people, work one-on-one and watch people through the process of getting better — or, with law, let someone know I am there fighting for them, because I haven’t always had someone fighting for me.”

Peyton is a member of both Bobcats Senior Honorary and Alpha Phi Alpha, the country’s first intercollegiate African-American fraternity. He uses his leadership in student groups as a platform to make change.

“When I talk to students about issues, I share that it’s important to get involved in your community to find justice and fight for justice.”

Peyton’s freedom to make choices about his future might never have happened without critical scholarship assistance from the UA Black Alumni Club and other campus resources. 

“The scholarships gave me a boost of confidence and assured me that I really did have a purpose here at the university,” Peyton says. 

“People were actually making an investment in me and my career. That gave me a burst of energy and a driving force to want to do better.”