Fall 2019

Go Ahead: Make Career Moves

Arizona will stay with you, online

Wildcat Amanda Higby ’19 always knew that she wanted to become a lawyer. “I’ve always loved reading and I always loved the law,” she says. 

What she didn’t know was that she could earn a B.A. in law, the first of its kind in the U.S., 
while gaining hands-on work experience.

After starting her degree on campus and moving to Phoenix to pursue an internship at the Arizona State Legislature, Higby was offered a full-time position. Suddenly, on-campus coursework no longer fit her lifestyle. 

An academic adviser told Higby that she could continue her University of Arizona degree online. Tuition reimbursement through the university’s corporate partnership program with the State of Arizona allowed her to work full time and afford her education. 

“Taking courses at Arizona Online through a corporate partner, I had the same experience that I would have had on campus — except I got to work full time and still live my life freely.” 

Now that she has completed her bachelor’s degree in law, Higby wants to continue her work at the legislature and become either a lobbyist or a consultant. 


Start now at online.arizona.edu.