Spring 2020

Garcia Family Foundation Commits to Student Excellence

The Garcia Family Foundation of Tempe has been steadfast in its support of student success and enrichment of the student experience — in the same spirit as the University of Arizona’s bold 360 Initiative.

Students at the Honors College / Chris Richards photo

With its latest commitment of $4 million to grow a prestigious scholarship program for Honors College students, the Garcia Family Foundation’s support helps move the university closer to its $50 million goal for the 360 Initiative, a student success-focused fundraising effort that is an integral component of the university’s strategic plan.

The Garcia Family Foundation Scholarship is a 10-year, $400,000 per year commitment to student excellence at the university. In addition to assistance with the cost of attendance, Garcia Scholars receive travel stipends that allow for up to two international study abroad experiences.

“The Garcia Family Foundation’s priorities align closely with those of the Honors College, where a social conscience and leadership activation are two of our Five Pursuits,” says Honors College Dean Terry Hunt. “This announcement of their generous gift comes at an important time in our history, given the increasingly outward vision of Honors College students as they work toward the Five Pursuits, which also include a growth mindset, optimal learning and an essential toolkit of skills.”

Founded in 1996, the Garcia Family Foundation is committed to serving and solving the challenges of those living in poverty in Arizona. Its support has included aid for the homeless, support for health care initiatives and assistance of all kinds for children in need.