Bobcats Share What the Lighting of 'A' Mountain Means to Them



Continuing on one of the University of Arizona’s most popular traditions, the Bobcats Senior Honorary kicked off Homecoming week 2019 with the Lighting of “A” Mountain on Oct. 27.

The event starts a memorable week for many, especially for the 13 Bobcats. 

“I think it’s really special being here with all of the other Bobcats,” Clay Rollon said. “It means everything and embodies the whole UA experience itself.” 

Bobcats gather together to share this once-in-a-lifetime experience and start off the week many aspire to be apart of.

“My favorite thing from freshman year was watching ‘A’ Mountain get lit up and realizing that I had found a cool sense of community on campus,” Bennett Adamson said. “So now as a senior, getting to be on the other side of things and lighting the ‘A’, it is a cool full circle moment where it meant so much to me my first year and now I get to do it in my last year.”

Members of the Bobcats Senior Honorary cheered with excitement as they quickly lit the flares placed on the “A.”

“This represents to me that I am a part of the Wildcat legacy, Kameron Peyton said. People always talk about that but most people don’t get to really experience it unless you’re doing something like this.

At the base of the “A,” the Bobcats took in the surreal moment with each other, watching in awe.