Bearing Down on the New School Year

Wildcats adapt. As the fall semester begins, they’re adjusting to new learning formats, new requirements for social distancing and face coverings and new signs all over campus reminding them of the new normal.

About 5,000 students are enrolled in classes that include in-person instruction during the first phase of the campus reentry plan. The plan is to ramp up to larger in-person and flex-in person courses, based on internal and external public health data, building to about 50% of all courses having some in-person component. At that point, between 25,000 and 30,000 people will be on campus, which is less than half the number on campus during a regular semester.

Students who live on campus are required to be tested for COVID-19, and wastewater from the dorms is being tested for presence of the virus as well. Students who live off campus, faculty and staff are highly encouraged to be tested. Antibody testing is also available to the Wildcat community. This test reveals whether an individual has developed an immune response against COVID-19.