Bear Down Network

Bear Down Network: Frequently Asked Questions

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What will I find on the Bear Down Network?
You can stay connected to the UA and fellow Wildcats with the newsfeed, directory, events feed and groups. Plus, the network serves as a professional resource with mentor connections, an alumni job board and career content.

Why should I join the Bear Down Network?
This is a great way to stay connected with the UA and is also a free professional resource. You can connect with fellow Wildcats on the newsfeed, directory and groups, plus get the latest on UA news and happenings.

Also, depending on where you are in your career, you may be interested in finding a professional mentor to help take you to the next level. Or you can give back by offering to be a mentor and help Wildcats in their career.

What makes the Bear Down Network different from Facebook and LinkedIn?
Unlike other social networks, the Bear Down Network is exclusive to Wildcats, meaning you will only find UA alumni, students and faculty and staff.

One highlight that makes the network different from LinkedIn is that you indicate how you’re willing to help or be a mentor during registration. This is useful for finding alumni who can help advance your career. The network eliminates the barrier of reaching out without knowing if and how someone can help you.

For an in depth comparison, see our full description of how LinkedIn and the Bear Down Network work together to help you navigate your career and build connections. 

How much does it cost?
Nothing at all. This is a free resource for UA alumni!

How do I sign up?
Visit and click “Get Started” to create your profile. Syncing with LinkedIn is recommended. Choose the alumni user type and make sure to fill out all the required fields (with an asterisk). You will receive a welcome email once your account is approved.

Can I join the Bear Down Network if I’m not a UA alumnus/a or student?
The Bear Down Network is open to all Wildcats, including UA faculty and staff, Wildcat parents and Wildcat friends.

If you are the parent of a student or graduate, please expect an email from the network admin to verify your connection to the UA. We will also send a verification email to Wildcat friends. However, this can be skipped if you clearly share your connection to the UA and why you want to be part of the network during registration.