Summer 2014

10x10: Gilbert Davidson

UA DEGREES: BA, public management, business administration; MA, public administration
INTERESTS: His 10-month-old baby, hiking, camping, running 
CAREER: Town manager

"As students in the Eller College, our work was really driven by teams. I learned how you have to work with other people to accomplish something bigger than what one person could do. You have to work well with others, learn their strengths and weaknesses. It’s amazing what we were able to accomplish as students. That has translated with what I do in a community, whether it’s with internal work teams or citizens that live in our community — you identify what the goal is and work toward it. Experiences at the UA were incredibly valuable for understanding those dynamics. Now I’m trying to make Marana one of best places in the state to live and do business. It’s an exciting time, and this is a community that has a lot of potential for the future."