Adia Barnes ’98 has established a winning tradition at the University of Arizona and has won the hearts of Wildcat women’s basketball fans around the country. Last year — Barnes’ third season as head coach — the team won the Women’s National Invitational Tournament. This year, Barnes orchestrated the most impressive season in the history of the program.

University of Arizona soccer player Kelcey Cavarra, a junior from Colorado, chose the UA in part because of Tucson’s warm winters. But she was unprepared for the experience of practicing during the summer months, when highs can top 105 degrees.

Josh Brewer

From his days begging for food in his native Ethiopia to the horrific accident that nearly claimed his life, Josh Brewer endured more than his fair share of trauma by the time he was a high school senior, yet his perseverance and drive only continued to grow.

Alyssa Palomino

As twilight fell over the University of Arizona’s Hillenbrand Memorial Stadium on a May evening, Alyssa Palomino, who plays first base for the ’Cats, lay down on the grass at the edge of the field.


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