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Fuel Wonder

A scholarship can change the course of an entire life. Many students wouldn’t be able to pursue college without financial assistance. While money matters to recipients, so does knowing someone is rooting for them. 

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Terry Hunt

A Community Takes Shape

A few weeks into the school year, a community has already formed among University of Arizona Honors College students and faculty who share space within the new Honors Village.

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Healing Spaces

Dr. Esther Sternberg’s office in a small bungalow just off campus looks out onto a shady courtyard with orange bird of paradise, fragrant Arabian jasmine, ornamental grasses and purple heart ground cover.

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It’s Just Surreal

Since when do javelinas ride bicycles? Since Joe Pagac ’05 became Tucson’s premier muralist. His tortoises pedal pretty well, too, as do his jackalopes. They all play together on a giant wall at Sixth Street and Stone Avenue.

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Modern Medicine Trailblazers

To appreciate the significance of the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, is to know the serendipitous journey of its founder, who is changing modern medicine at the University of Arizona and beyond.

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Witness to History

David Hume Kennerly, whose photographic archive is now at the University of Arizona, won the Pulitzer Prize for feature photography when he was just 25 years old. The day after he got the big news, he almost lost his life.

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100% Clean Energy

The University of Arizona has partnered with Tucson Electric Power, or TEP, to provide its campus with enough clean, emission-free power from new solar, storage and wind systems to serve all its purchased power needs.

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A Personalized Approach to Aging Brain Health

People are living longer than ever, but brain health isn’t keeping up. Now, a team of researchers has proposed a new model for studying age-related cognitive decline — one that’s tailored to the individual.

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Adriana Stohn '19: Inspired to Teach

A few weeks into living in Durham, North Carolina, Adriana Stohn is enjoying the region’s famed barbecue and hush puppies. But the Arizona native misses the distinctive toastiness of Tucson’s weather and the time she spent teaching girls in middle and high school to code.

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American Treasure

Arizona’s territorial legislature created the Arizona State Museum in 1893. Today, it holds many treasures, including over a half-million photographs and films, some of which are now being shown in an exhibition set to run for two years.

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Arizona Assurance: Making the College Dream a Reality

Carlos Chavez is a sophomore studying pre-business and social justice. He’s unsure where his career will take him, but knows he wants to help people. “I want to work every day to make a change in society,” he says.

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Chardee Allee '15: Advocating for STEM

Chardee Allee enjoys a career at the juncture of engineering and business. She takes full advantage of her STEM education, which included an active student life at the University of Arizona.

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Fuel Wonder

A scholarship can change the course of an entire life. Many students wouldn’t be able to pursue college without financial assistance. Some give students opportunities to engage more meaningfully in campus life, study abroad or teach and lead others. Merit scholarships attract high-performing students who add to the university’s prestige and can put graduate school within reach for them.

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Go Ahead: Make Career Moves

Wildcat Amanda Higby ’19 always knew that she wanted to become a lawyer. “I’ve always loved reading and I always loved the law,” she says.

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How to Successfully Launch a Career (and Company)

Recently named to the Forbes list of 30 Under 30 for Science, Sean McClain has made his mark at a young age.

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James Losole '18: Rising to the Challenge

In college, one great teacher can be a game-changer. That’s what James Losole learned as he built academic confidence.

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Justin Palacios: Launching a Well-Rounded Life

Justin Palacios came to the University of Arizona hoping to progress as a musician as he learned to become an engineer. What he didn’t anticipate was falling in love with fencing as a freshman.

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Kameron Peyton: Carving a Path Forward

Choosing what you’ll do for the rest of your life is no simple proposition. When Kameron Peyton arrived at the University of Arizona, he chose a major that complemented two postgraduate options: law school and medical school.

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Kelly Dorney: Learning to Serve

Kelly Dorney learned an unexpected lesson while studying in Guatemala this summer.

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Manuel Felix '16: Creating Partnerships

College is sometimes a serendipitous journey. Consider Manuel Felix. He graduated with degrees in political science and Spanish translation and interpretation, but today is a cyberrisk analyst in New York City.

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Prism System Improves Vision of the Legally Blind

A new prism system devised by a University of Arizona professor captures images with a small camera and projects them onto tiny screens in front of each eye to help low vision users see their surroundings. It will let users zoom, focus and adjust contrast and colors.

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Shyla Dogan '12 '19: Becoming a Role Model

“I have relatives who say, ‘We can’t believe we have a Ph.D. in the family,’” says Shyla Dogan. “And that shows their children something. It shows people who start where we did can do it.”

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Paw Prints

Andrew Benson ’13 is now engaged to Lauren Magnus ’13, who he met at the UA. Andrew proposed in Rome in August 2017.

Al Scorsatto ’70, from Upland, California, and Sam Pinterpe ’70, from Huntington Beach, show their Wildcat pride in their license plates after eating lunch at Cortina’s Italian Deli in Anaheim. They both graduated from the College of Pharmacy.

Mary Jennings Danenhauer ’39 celebrated her 100th birthday on Aug. 13, 2017. Mary, a native of Bisbee, met her husband, Sid, while at the UA. Today, she lives in Orange County, California, near her three children. Mary earned a degree in elementary education from the College of Education. 

Anna Woyjeck ’84 started the Kevin Woyjeck Explorers for Life Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, after her son Kevin passed away. Kevin Woyjeck was one of the 19 wildland firefighters killed on June 30, 2013, in Yarnel, Arizona.

Sarah Sellers, nurse anesthetist at Banner — University Medical Center South, Tucson, finished the 2018 Boston Marathon in second place with a running time of 2 hours, 44 minutes, 4 seconds. She was among seven American women in the top 10. In first place was Desiree Linden, the first American woman to win the race since 1985. 

Bob Kersey ’89 ’94 and Nancy Kersey ’90 ’96 celebrated their 25th anniversary in Wildcat style while hiking the Swiss Alps. 

Brett Aderhold ’07 brings his UA flag with him everywhere he goes. Here, he’s pictured at the famed Crossed Swords monument in Baghdad. Aderhold is an Army aviator and pilots an AH-64 attack helicopter. He currently is deployed in Iraq. 

Carlos C. Chang ’08 and his Techshot team launched the first 3D biofabrication facility aboard the International Space Station. As the senior scientist, Chang helped direct the design and development of the facility and created the bioink materials that will be used on orbit.

Gavynn Baldwin ’13 and Ryann Murray Baldwin ’13 met during their freshman year while living in Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall. They got engaged on the beach in Monterey in May 2016, then got married in Seattle in September 2017. 

Dan Forde ’02 and Blair Forde ’02 welcomed their third child, Emily Britt, in June 2018. Emily joins big sister Audrey and big brother William. All are dressed in Wildcat gear for college day at their school!

Dan Nathan '67 came from Brooklyn and lived in Apache Hall all four years. He earned a B.S. in chemistry and worked  38-plus years as a criminalist for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department in the crime lab. 

Four UA alumni meet in Muscat, Oman, in January 2017. 

From left: Andrew Leavitt ’88, Abdulaziz AlKindi ’87, Karen Leavitt ’87 and Saeed Al-Muharrami ’88. The Leavitts visited the University of Nizwa to honor its partnership with the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Nick ’05 ’12 and Kristen Pierson ’05 welcomed Roman and Peyton into the family on July 21, 2018, in Scottsdale, Arizona. They feel beyond blessed and incredibly smitten by these two future Wildcats.

Jacob Hall ’03 and Andrea Hall ’10 got engaged last year at a UA baseball game, then married on Homecoming weekend. As Wildcats, they both played trumpet with The Pride of Arizona Marching and Pep Band. They are expecting a future Wildcat at the end of February. 

When Jay Steinmetz ’90 son’s basketball team needed a sponsor, he told the team he would only sponsor them if they were named the Arizona Wildcats!

Jessica Cox ’05 has fulfilled her dream of owning her own airplane — a vintage Ercoupe, built in the 1940s without rudder pedals to be a safe and straightforward airplane to fly. She’s the world’s first armless pilot, founder of a nonprofit to help children with limb differences, and an international advocate for disability rights. 

Joe Previte ’16 and Allison Arendt ’17 met on Dec. 5, 2015, at a Chi Omega date-dash. A week later, they went on their first date on a hike to Seven Falls. Two and a half years later, while hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc, Joe proposed to Allison at the Grand Col Ferret. 

Julia Kard '13 studied Borneo’s primate denizens, including the orangutan, and developed new ways to engage communities worldwide in primate conservation. Julia, an outreach specialist at the Phoenix Zoo, took the summer 2017 graduate course in pursuit of her master’s degree from Miami University’s Global Field Program. 

Kent Underwood ’02, a fifth-generation dairyman, is chief operating officer of Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company. After graduating from the UA, he took over the operations of a rapidly growing dairy business in Wisconsin and led them from 100 to 900 milking cows in three years. He attended the UA on an FFA scholarship.

Lila Javan ’94, an LA-based cinematographer, is working on the documentary of her career — a film about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for cancer research. Cancer survivor Lila and her team, which includes her oncology doctors and nurses as well as friends touched by cancer, climbed the 19,341-foot mountain in January.

Tim Ashcraft ’16, Ben Crawford ’05, Joan Ashcraft ’74 and David Ashcraft ’74 ’76 ’86 reunite backstage after a performance at the Majestic Theatre in New York City on Oct. 5, 2018. Ben landed the role as the 16th phantom in the Broadway production of “Phantom of the Opera.”

Marla Smith-Nilson ’91 and Crissy Ahmann Perham ’94 represent the Wildcats and Water First International in Honduras. Marla is the founder and executive director of the nonprofit, which travels the world to help water-stressed communities. Crissy, a 1992 Wildcat Olympian, joined Marla and her team to support this work. 

The Mesa Police Forensic Services Division is full of Wildcats! Keia Kloss ’96, crime scene specialist; Steve Valdez ’86, forensic scientist supervisor; Sarah Phillips Fredricks ’02, quality manager; April Stonehouse ’98, forensic scientist; Natalie Wiegers ’08, forensic scientist; Kimberly Meza ’99, forensic services administrator.

Natasha Bhuyan ’08 and Patrick Vinck ’08 were married Feb. 16. They met at the University of Arizona at an orientation for new resident assistants.

Pac-12 alumni meet on the USS Nitmitz sailing the Pacific Ocean: Captain Kunzman (Commodore of the 9th Fleet and an Oregon Duck) with Alex Reynoso ’74, president of the Salt Lake City SkiCats. Alex was a member of the Tiger Cruise aboard the USS Nimitz for a seven-day cruise from Pearl Harbor to San Diego.

As a student Pat Matthews ’87 won the prestigious William Wilde Memorial Award as the top designer in the UA’s College of Architecture. After graduating, he became a successful architect, but also had a desire to create meaningful works of art. He now is a full-time artist, taking inspiration from a lifetime of outdoor experiences.

Jessica Kensky ’04 and Patrick Downes have published “Rescue & Jessica," a children’s book based on the true story of Kensky and her service dog, Rescue. Kensky and Downes, her husband, were injured in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. Kensky suffered a double amputation and welcomed Rescue into her life to help with everyday tasks.

Tammie Kennedy ’05 received an Alumni Outstanding Teaching Award at a ceremony in April from the University of Nebraska at Omaha Alumni Association in honor of her distinguished teaching. She is an associate professor in UNO’s College of Arts & Sciences. She earned a master’s degree in English from the University of Arizona.

Gary Carpenter ’95, in Fort Worth, Texas, spreads Wildcat pride with his two children.

Thomas Funk ’83 and his lovely spouse, Lisa Bossard Funk ’84 ’86, took a trip to Brisbane and Sydney last spring. Here, they’re pictured in front of the famous Sydney Opera House.

Tod Brown ’94 was inducted into the Sabino High School Hall of Fame. At Sabino, Tod earned eight varsity letters: three each in baseball and soccer and one each in football and golf.  After graduating from the UA, he played professional baseball for three years before turning to coaching.

The UA Twirling Team, coached by Shirlee Bertolini ’58 and Kirsten Grabo ’00, comprises state, regional, national and even world champion baton twirlers from across the U.S.

Thomas D. Jones ’88 was inducted into the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, becoming one of only 95 people to earn such an honor. His contributions to the U.S. space program have gone well beyond his 11 years with NASA, during which he flew on four space shuttle missions to Earth orbit. 

Christina Searby '10 wed Doug McNicol on Oct. 8, 2017. She was supported by her fellow class of 2010 Wildcats on her big day.

Wildcats for Life representing at Adam Super’s bar mitzvah. Several sorority sisters of Jill Lieberman-Super ’93 made the trip to celebrate with Adam and his family. Other alumni in attendance were his uncle, Neil Lieberman ’98, and several cousins.

Molly Baker Siegle ’88, current UA student Brianna Siegle and future Wildcat Jason Siegle in Juneau, Alaska, at the Mendenhall Glacier in August.

Ashley Scorsatto ’99, Lee Eddings ’98 and Carrie Nibarger Sadler ’97 enjoying Gullfoss Falls in Iceland.

Photo Spotlight

Lightning Strikes

A monsoon storm lights up the sky behind Old Main.