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Wherever you are, participate in an online career webinar to advance your career. UA alumni are leading live, interactive, and free webinars on career topics. 

10 Tips for an Awesome Resume
Susan Kaleita '09, UA alumni career services program director, provides 10 tips for developing a resume that stands out — in a good way!

Join the Peace Corps
Anna Steeves-Reece, UA Peace Corps Recruiter and RPCV Nicaragua 2011-14, talks about volunteer experiences, answers your questions, and provides tips to guide you through the application process.

Ace Your Interview
Kinlee Osmer '13 and Jessica Moulton '13, regional college recruiters for GEICO, share advice on how to ace your next job interview. 

Geoff Coon ’07, certified professional resume writer and owner of, helps you create a powerful resume.

Entrepreneurship and the Power of Why Not!
Lauren McCabe Herpich ’03, marketing expert and serial entrepreneur, gives you the tools to create your own professional destiny.

How to Get and Succeed in a Sports Business Career
Bob Hamer '06, sports business expert and former VP of Sales & Service for the Phoenix Suns, gives you the keys to success in building a sports business career.

Optimize LinkedIn
Does your LinkedIn profile make you stand out? Geoff Coon '07, professional resume writer, guides you through creating a LinkedIn profile that attracts recruiters, helps you expand your professional network, and builds your personal brand.

Q&A with a Serial Entrepreneur
Are you tired of the daily grind? Do you have a great business idea or two or three? Lisa Song Sutton '06 guides you through how to take concepts and implement them in to multiple businesses, creating multiple streams of revenue. 

Hiring Millennials: Understanding their Career Expectations and Job Search Strategies
Stephanie Smith '15, assistant professor at Virginia Tech, discusses her research on the career expectations and job searching tactics of recent college graduates, and provides strategies to better recruit and retain a millennial workforce.

Trade Secrets to Landing Your Dream Job
Ralph Nader '05, talent acquisition manager, lifts the veil of mystery from the job application process, interviews, and the professional world. You will leave equipped to develop short and long-term plans to reach your goals and ultimately land your dream job.

Crafting Effective Summaries for Resumes and LinkedIn
Geoff Coon '07, executive resume writer and LinkedIn expert, teaches you how to write summary sections for your resume and LinkedIn profile that will show recruiters how you add value, what separates you from the competition, and how well you align with the jobs you're looking for.

How to Land Your Dream Job and a 20% Raise in 8 Weeks
Scott Swedberg, former LinkedIn employee, hiring manager, recruiter, and career coach, shows you how to identify and seize career advancement opportunities, while getting company VIPs to like and endorse you. 

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Power Your Career Forward: Military to Civilian Transitions
Rebecca Leyson, career coach, recruiter, and Army veteran, discusses hurdles to translating military experience to civilian job searches, and provides strategies for understanding your career possibilities, conducting a strategic job search, and crafting effective civilian resumes.

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Yawnworthy?
Stephanie Scher '94 and Tamara Tyree '01 shows you how to build your brand online through your LinkedIn profile. Learn the key attributes that the most dynamic profiles include, so you can showcase yourself and your professional experience for recruiters!

How to Make a Major Career Transition
Susan Bernstein, an internationally sought-after career coach and leadership consultant presents a practical webinar guiding you to greater clarity and giving you direction to craft your professional future.

Top Morning Rituals for a Successful Business Day
Lisa Song Sutton '06, real estate investor, entrepreneur, and television host, guides you through some of the top morning rituals of the world’s most successful business people. Use these proven methods to make the most of each day!

How to Interview with Power and Authenticity
Career and leadership coach (and UA alumna) Susan Bernstein discusses techniques to calm your nerves, help you connect with interviewers in a genuine way, and convey yourself with a powerful, memorable approach.

Networking Know-How: Networking Strategies for Job Search Success
Career coach Debbie Lousberg '82 talks about networking's role in today's job market, and gives you some tools for expanding and maintaining your network.

Hate Ain't Equal: the ROI of Understanding & Answering Customer Complaints
Best-selling author, digital marketing expert and UA alumnus Jay Baer '92 reveals brand-new, proprietary research into why and where your customers complain and why the rise of customer complaints is actually an enormous opportunity.

Career and Caregiving
If you are caring for a loved one, you know that it can feel like a full-time job. But wait, you already have a full-time job. How do you successfully juggle caregiving and your career? Jodi Hempel provides strategies. 

  • Jodi runs the weekly blog  She is the lead author of the book “Life: The Next Phase.  Navigating the Issues of Caring for Your Aging Parents or Loved Ones.” For a complimentary Peace of Mind Breakthrough session go to

Job Search Strategies for Today’s Competitive Market
Times have changed, and so has the definition of an effective job search! Career coach Debbie Lousberg ’82 will provide valuable tips about what works in today’s job market, clarifying your goals, tools for creating an effective strategy, and ways to stay organized and motivated.

How to Build the Right Brand to Land the Job
Do you want to land that dream job? Then you have to be that triple threat - online, on paper and in person. Career advice expert Amanda Augustine will discuss steps you can take to build a consistent personal brand and set yourself up for a successful job search.

Tell Me About Yourself: Strategic Interview Techniques
Learn how to answer the Tell me about yourself! question, develop strategies for other challenging interview questions, and understand how to use an interview to provide the information that will get you hired!

Sales Skills for Non-Sales People
Many people don't realize that they have the ability to become successful at sales. But sales skills are important in many career areas, even if you’re not a salesperson. Successful sales people start with listening.

Leadership and Decision Making: What Neuroscience Tells Us about Bias
Learn why decision making is inherently more complex today. Increase your awareness of unconscious bias. And, learn new strategies for smarter decision-making.

How to Use Indeed
This webinar will present job seekers with resources for how to start their career search, as well as share best practices on how to use Indeed.