UA Library Online Journals

Members gain access to the Academic Search Alumni Edition database and the Business Search Alumni Edition database of online journals.

Top titles from Academic Search Alumni Edition:

  • Adweek
  • Bloomberg Businessweek
  • The Economist
  • Fortune
  • Journal of Engineering Design
  • Journal of Marketing Management

Top titles from Business Search Alumni Edition:

  • American Journal of Health Studies
  • Editor & Publisher
  • Farmers Weekly
  • Money
  • PC Magazine
  • Yale Law Journal

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JSTOR Online Journals

JSTOR is a research and learning platform that includes journals, primary source materials, and monographs from a diverse group of academic publishers and institutions including university presses, scholarly associations, and libraries.

Top titles from JSTOR:

  • The American Economic Review
  • BioScience: American Institute of Biological Sciences
  • Ecology
  • Foreign Affairs
  • The Journal of Finance
  • The American Historical Review
  • Film Quarterly

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