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    We offer an easy and convenient payment plan with the option of four quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payments — four $275 payments for the Forever Wildcats Single level or four $400 payments for the Forever Wildcats Joint level. You will be notified via mailed invoice the month prior to when each payment is due. The payments may be made by check payable to “UA Alumni Association” or by credit card online.

    Contact Senior Business Manager for Financial Services Rhonda Rugg for payment questions at or 520-621-9032.

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    *All current Platinum members who renew at the Platinum level will receive a new and different gift as a thank you.

    Joint membership is available for spouse or domestic partner residing at the same mailing address.

    TAX DEDUCTIBLE: Membership dues paid to the Alumni Association are not considered donations because members receive tangible benefits in exchange for their dues payments. We are unable to value the benefits received by our members for their use of our Benefits Program because these benefits are administrated by various third party vendors who do not track the utilization of the benefits for each UA Alumni member. For these reasons the IRS will not allow a portion of the membership to be deductible, and we are not able to issue a gift receipt for membership dues paid.

    We recommend that you consult with your tax advisor for details as to what portion of your membership dues, if any, may be tax-deductible in your circumstances.