Governing Board

The University of Arizona Alumni Association’s governing board is comprised of 19 directors who are responsible for the management and corporate affairs of the association, including oversight of the budget and financial investments. This board is a 501(c)(3) non-profit board incorporated in Arizona. 

The governing board works through a committee structure that oversees the association’s strategic plan and the various programming areas of the Alumni Association, which are designed to establish a lifelong relationship that begins with our current students and continues to ensure a "Wildcat for Life" tradition that keeps alumni connected to the UA and their colleges.

Executive Officers/Executive Committee

The officers of the association are: the chair, chair-elect, the vice-chair/secretary and the most recent past chair available to serve. Under the association’s bylaws, the vice-chair/secretary position is in a line of automatic succession to assume the positions of chair-elect, chair, and then past chair. The governing board has established a succession planning policy that encourages current governing board members to consider leadership positions.

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Wildcat for Life Leadership Council 

Through the Wildcat for Life Leadership Council, our alumni leaders gather once a year to learn what's happening at the UA, network with other Wildcat professionals, and learn more about UA Alumni Association initiatives and programming so they can become knowledgeable advocates and ambassadors for the institution and the Alumni Association. 

Summary of the Wildcat for Life Leadership Council:

  • A diverse group of alumni who are dues-paying members of the UAAA, these individuals represent our various constituencies and are committed to supporting the University and the Alumni Association.
  • The WFLLC is overseen by the executive committee of the UA Alumni Association’s governing board.
  • Members receive updates and information about the UA and the UAAA and serve as advocates and ambassadors.
  • While members are not involved in policy-making decisions, which is the purview of the UAAA’s 501(c)(3) governing board, they are encouraged to become engaged alumni wherever they live through a variety of programs. Here are some suggestions for how to be more involved.
  • Members agree to the member expectations, including attending the UAAA’s annual meeting in Tucson and making a financial commitment to the association (except for UA student representatives).
  • The term of appointment is three years (except for UA student representatives).


For more information, contact Nancy Yaeli at 520-621-9034 or or Dawn Bell at 800-232-8278 or