All gifts from 1969 alumni count toward the 50-year reunion class gift! 

Your 50th class reunion marks a special milestone for alumni who graduated 50 years ago. As part of the celebration, the University of Arizona campus recognizes your philanthropic gifts throughout the year as part of the 1969 class gift.

  • You can choose to give to any unit on campus in an area that is meaningful to you.
  • All gifts are welcome. This includes out-right gifts, planned gifts, endowments, real estate gifts, securities, gifts-in-kind, and scholarships.
  • You name it, the gift counts in recognition of your class and your alumni contributions to the University.

Join your classmates who have already donated and help to make a significant and collective impact on the education of current and future students.  

Thank you for being a part of this legacy! 

Give today! 

Call or email Kristen Fought, reunion coordinator at 520-626-3835 or with questions regarding the 1969 class gift.