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We left the Chobe Marina Lodge this morning. I was sad to see it go. We saw so many amazing animals during our stay and the people in Botswana were so friendly. On the other hand, it's probably a good thing we left, because they fed us so much food that I'm sure I put on a couple of pounds during our short stay.

A ferry outside of the town of Kasane shuttles trucks across the Chobe River but we loaded our bags and ourselves into a small motor boat and sped by the ferries to Zambia where another bus was waiting, along with many aggressive crafts salesmen. We were advised by our guide James to negotiate for items from within our bus and to close the windows when we were finished. James is clearly experienced with the art of border crossings and curio shopping, and his advice has saved us a ton of time and struggles.

Our bus shuttled us to the airport in Livingston where we boarded a chartered plane and flew to the private landing strip at the Royal Zambezi Lodge where we will be roughing it in tents for the next three nights. Upon arrival we were told that at night we have to be escorted to and from our tents by guards to make sure that we are safe from wild animals.

After lunch and a short ciesta we met back at the main lodge and were greeted by two bull elephants on the island. We boarded two boats and traveled up river for cocktails on another island on the Zambezi. We viewed several elephants, hippos and birds along the way. After cocktails we returned to the lodge and enjoyed a fire on the deck before dinner and an early good night and another day of our African safari was done.

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