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Today we left Stanley and Livingston Lodge to head to the Chobe National Park in Botswana. Before leaving Zimbabwe we visited a government school to learn about their education system, watch the children perform traditional dances, and donate school supplies that we brought from the States.

After checking into the Chobe Marina Lodge, we went on a safari. The impalas have all recently given birth and we saw a number of fawns. You may notice the M shape on the backside of the impala. The locals call them McDonald's antelopes, because their butts have the golden arches and also because they are a main meal for many of the predators in Africa.

Speaking of predators, we came upon a lioness with three 1-year-old cubs. Pretty amazing thing to see on your first visit to Chobe. We couldn't stay with the lions long because a major storm was moving in. It's the start of the summer rainy season and they have afternoon thunderstorms very similar to our monsoon. We got drenched, but everyone was in good spirits and the storm really added to the adventure. 

Tomorrow we have another morning safari and an afternoon Chobe river cruise. Hopefully I'll have more images to share.

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