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Gus Chapdelaine '12 (marketing) is an elite account executive at Yelp, a sponsor of Arizona’s Career Mixer in Scottsdale on Wednesday, May 28, 4:30-7:30 p.m. at Skysong. Co-hosted by the UA Alumni Association, the mixer brings alumni and students from all three state universities together with top employers from across Arizona.

"If you want your dream job," says Chapdelaine, "don't just apply and pray they call you. If you don't put out 110 percent effort to get hired by your dream company, what makes your dream company think you're going to give 110 percent effort working for them?

"Make sure you're doing everything to connect with as many people that influence the hiring decision as possible. Maybe it's connecting with a few employees on LinkedIn and requesting a few minutes to talk about their experience. Maybe it's sending a handwritten letter to the hiring department. Whatever it is, make yourself stand out."

He loves that his job enables him to learn something new every day through genuine conversations with business owners.

"Each business owner has a different perspective on how to run a business and what makes their business the best. You might talk to two business owners who operate right next to each other, but their management style and what makes them so successful could be like night and day!"

Paige Cecil '09 (retailing and consumer science) is another Wildcat at Yelp. An associate director of sales, Cecil loves the constant challenge of sales.

"There is always something bigger to strive for. To be successful requires a constant drive and commitment to hard work. I love that!"

At the UA, Cecil loved football and basketball games, and she still tries to get down for games. She also remembers the constant buzz of people and activity on the mall.

“There was always great energy on campus when I was walking from class to class."

Today, the people she works at Yelp are one of her favorite aspects of the job.

"I learn something new from my people, peers, or leaders every day," she says. "We hire and promote incredibly diverse, driven, intelligent and caring people. I love learning from them."

Learn more about our sponsor Yelp and more than 50 other employers recruiting Wildcats at Arizona’s Career Mixer here.