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Every day brings a new adventure. This morning on our game drive I witnessed a baboon being born and cradled in it's mother's arms. Another small baboon was clearly jealous and was disciplined by a larger baboon.

After that our guide said we needed to hurry up because a pack of wild dogs was spotted. Our group wasn't that excited but we soon found out the African wild dogs are the second most endangered species in Africa. They are seldom seen on a safari and even our guide got out his camera to capture the moment. One thing I've learned, if your guide and your driver get out their cameras, then what you are seeing is special. After the wild dogs, we headed out of the park. On the way out we came across a large herd of Cape buffalo. It was quite a scene as hundreds of buffalo spread across the valley floor.

After lunch we went for a river cruise on the Chobe. We saw several crocodiles and a number of interesting birds. We got up close and personal with hippopotamus who have an interesting way of pooping (Google it) and are very territorial. It was another wonderful day on a fantasticUA Alumni Travel trip.

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