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Yelp is a sponsor of Arizona’s Career Mixer in Scottsdale on Wednesday, May 27, 4:30-7:30 p.m. at SkySong. Co-hosted by the University of Arizona Alumni Association, the mixer connects top employers across Arizona to alumni and students from the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, and Northern Arizona University. 

Connecting people with great local businesses is the purpose of Yelp. We interviewed two UA alumni, Rayan Zein ‘14 (marketing) and Rachelle Mahoney ‘09 (psychology), about their careers at Yelp and what they miss about the UA.

“Every day is different than the last,” says Zein, a junior account executive at Yelp, “since we deal with business owners from all industries and parts of the country. Not only do we get to learn about how each industry works but also how they operate in different parts of the country. Also, can't forget about all the great people I met here that all have a common goal of seeing everyone succeed.” 

Zein loves facing new challenges every day.  

“For me, I wanted a place that is not just a ‘job’ right after graduation, but a place where I can establish myself and build a career,” he says. “Another important aspect was upward mobility. Yelp offers that because they only promote from within and that means I have no ceiling on where I can go and do within the company.” 

One of Zein’s fondest memories at the UA is when “my ECON 200 professor, Steve Reff, rolled around the classroom in roller skates during a lecture.” 

Mahoney has lots of fond memories from her time at UA as well. “I loved going to football games and cheering us on from the Zona Zoo section,” she says. Her favorite moment was defeating ASU in the Duel in the Desert. She truly is a Wildcat for Life! 

Mahoney is a sales manager at Yelp. In March 2015, she hit her four-year “Yelpiversary.”

What does she love about working at Yelp? 

“At Yelp you determine your own success – which is extremely motivating and makes me work my hardest every single day,” she says. “Everyone is infectiously positive and driven to win.

“Everyone is very supportive. Your sales managers and directors are focused solely on helping you become the best version of yourself possible and working towards your success.  Throughout my career at Yelp I've always felt supported and motivated.” 

What advice does she give? “Don't give up if times get tough.”

“I wasn't the top rep in my training class at Yelp, but that motivated me to work harder and be gritty,” she says. “That grittiness I learned early on in my career is what has gotten me to where I am now. Be thankful for the struggles you go through; they make you stronger.” 

Learn more about our sponsor Yelp and more than 55 other employers recruiting Wildcats at Arizona’s Career Mixer here.