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This morning we had the choice of visiting a local village or going for another game drive. The entire traveling party decided on the game drive. No one wanted to miss the chance of seeing a leopard. We also hadn't seen elephants in the wild and were ready for action.

My eyes are starting to get used to the Botswanna landscape and I spotted a giraffe early on our drive that no one else saw. Soon after I noticed some light brown animals traveling between some brush. They turned out to be two lionesses. It felt fantastic to spot the animals with no one else around. There were impala all around and they were on high alert. Our guide, Letz, knows the animals well and guessed that they would continue on their easterly path. He moved our vehicle down the road to a spot where he thought they might cross and we waited. Word travels quick and about three more vehicles pulled next to ours. Five minutes later an impala streaked across the road with a lioness on her tail. It happened in a flash and then the animals dissapeared. Letz gunned the car and moved us to where he thought we would find the lions. We spotted one of them a minute later lying under a tree. The impala got away and the lions were now resting. It was such an exciting few minutes, like National Geographic happening before your very eyes. I was sad that we didn't see a kill, but several of our other travelers have grown attached to the cute impala and were glad they survived. We photographed the lions for a few minutes and another 5-10 safari trucks arrived and we moved on.

Our guide was told earlier, that a herd of elephant were down by the river. Another truck in our group, that missed the lions, had been watching them play in the water. He sped down the road as we bounced around in the back. Riding in the truck is an adventure by itself and our guides are all amazing drivers. We reached the river shortly, but missed the elephant and sped to another section of road where we found the small herd crossing. The animals are a magnificent site and hearing them trumpet is riviting. After viewing the elephants we traveled back to the hotel for breakfast, a ciesta, and lunch, before our afternoon safari.

It's the start of the rainy season and shortly after lunch a large storm came through. The weather here is very similar to Tucson, in that summer are hot and are when the region receives the most rain. We donned our ponchos and climbed into our trucks for some afternoon viewing. This was our last game drive in Chobe National Park and while we did not see as much as usual it was still a very nice experience. In the morning we head for the Royal Zambizi Lodge.

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