Post date: November 28, 2014
Travelers woke at the break of light to witness the engineering feat of the trip's highlight, our passage through the Panama Canal. We celebrate the 100th anniversary of the canal and were greeted along the way by waiving onlookers and canal residents watching our cruise ship pass.
Post date: November 27, 2014
After a day of sailing the sea, we were ready for Puerto Limon, Costa Rica, where travelers were off to a day of hiking the rain forrest, zip lining, white water rafting, or searching for sloths in the tall trees of the jungle.
Post date: November 25, 2014
We woke to the colorful island of Roatan, Honduras where divers and snorkelers come for a feast of fish known as one of the best places for underwater sporting.
Post date: November 24, 2014
So, exactly how cool is this Wildcat football season? It’s like finding out that Sofia Vergara can sing, too. Or that a steady diet of Popeye’s Chicken can help you lose weight. It’s just one wildly pleasant, completely unforeseeable surprise after another and I kinda wish it would never end.
Post date: November 24, 2014
On to Belize, the land of the Maya, the tropical coast included a hike to a cave, known by the Mayans as the entrance point to the underworld. It was cool, dark, quiet and tempting. The steamy walk to the inner depths of the cave and back out lead us to a blue pool of natural water.